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What is the
Cops N Kids mission?

Cops N Kids is a nonprofit organization founded through a partnership between citizens and police to foster positive, trust-based relationships between youth, families, and law enforcement in Shawnee, Oklahoma and beyond. 


Organization History

In 2014, Ferguson, Missouri erupted after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by police. This prompted many across the nation to grapple with police violence, racism, and law enforcement's relationship with the public in general. It specifically led one Shawnee, Oklahoma citizen to ask a very important question: "How can we make sure this never happens here?".


In the midst of national aches and a need for better relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve, Fred Rutherford became passionate about bringing kids and police together, to foster positive relationships between police and minority children especially. Partnering with Chief Mason Wilson of the Shawnee Police Department, in 2017 the first Cops N' Kids event was held at Woodland Park in downtown Shawnee.

Today, Cops N' Kids is a registered nonprofit partnered with 33 law enforcement agencies from local, tribal, state, and federal agencies, as well as 30+ community organizations that come together once a year for the Cops N' Kids Expo. 

Board of Directors

Cpl. Vivian Lozano
Shawnee Police Dept
Darren Rutherford
Fred's Tire & Battery
Scott Roper
 Pleasant Grove School
Suhaila Nease
Pottawatomie Go
brent morris.png
Brent Morris
Edward Jones 
Trent Gulesarian
Stuart & Clover
sally coleman.png
Sally Coleman
Gibson & Reynolds
Lisa Watson
Gateway to Prevention
& Recovery
jeff chamblin.png
Jeff Chamblin
Oklahoma Farm Bureau
jim kirby.png
James Kirby
First National Bank
daryl fields.png
Darryl K. Fields
Union Missionary
Baptist Church

In the News

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